New York City Marathon

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2nd November 2014

Entries for 2014 now closed.

Why not register your interest for 2015?

Location:New York USA

The New York Marathon is one of the best!

Not only will you be experiencing culture, early Christmas shopping and restaurants like nowhere else on earth but you will also be joining a very special team of Power Walkers to complete the TCS New York City Marathon.

This delicious city is the place it all started for Walk the Walk and it is still a favourite so we can promise a weekend that you won’t forget!

The ING New York City Marathon

Who should do this challenge?

It is ideal for anybody that has taken on London or Edinburgh and now wants the next Walk the Walk challenge, or for anyone committed to training.

You will need to be 18 years old or over on the day of the challenge and should aim for a maximum sustained walking pace of 14 minute miles and complete a marathon in under 7hrs. It's open to both guys and girls, runners and walkers.



Myself and Anna would like to say a very big thankyou for such an amazing weekend in New York. Both you and Guy looked after us very well and made our weekend so much fun. The friendship run on the Saturday was crazy and great fun it is something we would recommend to anyone who is going to do this Marathon as it certainly gets you into high spirits and the fun factor is great. It was really nice to meet all people and hear why people are doing this marathon. The team were all great and it was so nice to make new friends. The marathon was and absolute amazing experience Guy looked after us well and made sure we were all warm keeping us doing the hokey kooky which I must say was crazy but great fun. The Americans are fantastic supporters of this event and made us feel like celebrates, we must say a points in the marathon our face hurt more than our legs through laughing and smiling so much. This weekend will be a memory for a long time.Thanks for all your organising and making it such a fab weekend!

" Karen and Anna

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Walker Support

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Kick start your fundraising and hire a Walk the Walk collection pot or buy a tray of our unique bra pins to help you on your way!

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Online fundraising

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A fantastic free app that helps with training and fundraising! Why not take a look?

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A huge thanks for the very personal and friendly flavour to the trip. I should imagine other teams were not as well supported as Walk the Walkers. It is one of the best experiences I have had and shall cherish the memories.

" Sandi Anderson

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