Nijmegen Marches

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Register Your Interest for 2016!

Due to it being the 100th year of the Nijmegen Marches, 2016 places as a team are not yet confirmed by the organisers.  

Location:Nijmegen Netherlands

The Nijmegen Marches 2014



Wonderful, a unique experience which I may find addictive! The event is wonderful and unique - I did not realise it would be so well supported by the Dutch people. I am at risk of becoming addicted to it!

" Liz Saunders


2016 is the 100th year... and because everyone wants to be part of the centenary year, it is more popular than ever! Unfortunately places for the 2016 event are not yet confirmed and will be updated here in due course.

If you are interested in joining us for the 100th March (next year) Register Your Interest now!  

Let's come together, sing together and march together on the Nijmegen Marches! Come and join Walk the Walk as we take on the ‘Challenge of all Challenges’.

The Nijmegen Marches are the largest walking event in the World, with over 50,000 participants  in the 100th year marching their way through the idyllic towns and villages of Nijmegen, in the Netherlands. 

Conquering the Marches is not for the faint-hearted and will require a commitment to training; you will walk a staggering 40K or 50K a day over 4 consecutive days. That's 100 miles or 124 miles, in just 4 days! What an amazing accomplishment!

Each day you will be supported by thousands of cheering, singing and dancing supporters all willing you to the finish and your well-deserved Royally-acclaimed Nijmegen Cross!

Taking on the challenge as a team means you can share the experience, support each other, sing to your heart's content as we attempt to outsing the military guys and gals, and most importantly, enjoy the whole team camaraderie 'the bra girls as we are known' are famous for our t-shirts, our pumping lungs and our pumping arms as we Walk the Walk!

However there are a couple of stipulations...
If you apply for a ballot place directly with the organisers so that you can walk as an individual and choose to walk either 40 KM or 50 KM each day, this is not a guaranteed place. Ballot place results will be announced in early to mid April.

Please note: for MEN with certain date of birth 1967 to 1995, in accordance with the rules of the Marches, you have to undertake 50K and therefore you must join our 50K team or join enter the ballot as an individual.

So come on girls and the boys; let's come together, sing together and march together on the Nijmegen Marches, all for vital breast cancer causes - let's show those Military boys and girls how it's done.    

Read all about Hilary's life long dream to be part of Team Walk the Walk and how amazing it was in 2015.

Training for the challenge!

To complete this exciting yet mammoth challenge of 100 miles in 4 days, training is essential! Before applying, you should consider the time, effort and commitment that will be needed to complete The Nijmegen Marches! A special training plan will be provided with your Walker Pack but please contact us if you require more information. You should aim to be able to achieve 40K in 8 hours or 50K within 9 hours to take on this challenge. We do not expect to achieve these times everyday, due to masses of Walkers along the route, but you should be confident that you can reach this target along with the rest of your team members.

Who should do this challenge?

The Nijmegen Marches is aimed at anyone who has already completed a marathon and is looking for their next challenge. Preparing for the Nijmegen Marches will require commitment to the training program. We welcome both the guys and girls; you have to be over the age of 16 to join the team and anyone under 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. It's a great family challenge too! Please contact us for more information.



I loved the Marches, I thought they were fantastic. I will go back next year …. As an event for WTW it is challenging and different and should always carry on. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

" Michelle Varney

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