The MoonWalk London

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10 May 2014, Clapham Common


But if you'd still like to experience this fantastic event, come along as a volunteer!


The MoonWalk London 2014

The MoonWalk London 2014

10th February: the route is almost finalised so here are a few glorious sights of London the sights that you can expect to see on the way round. You may not realise it but Clapham Common is only a mile or so from the Thames, our usual stomping ground. So starting with our friend from last year, Battersea Power Station, and then our much-loved Battersea Park (also home to The SunWalk get it in your diary July 6th) and then Parliament and Big Ben...the London Eye...into the City and St Paul's Cathedral...Tower Bridge...Westminster Abbey...Horse Guards Parade and Downing Street...Buckingham Palace...Wellington Arch and Apsley Gate...the Royal Albert Hall...Harrods and Knightsbridge (good job it's only window shopping) and of course it wouldn’t be a MoonWalk without passing the Marsden and the Toby Robins Research Centre where Breakthrough, one of our beneficiaries, carry out a lot of the research projects we fund... Half Mooners will say goodbye to the Full Mooners at Westminster Abbey and head back to the Finish Line at MoonWalk City at Clapham Common, but still a fantastic tour of London for a Saturday night!

Heels on fire...get ready to boogie woogie your way to The London MoonWalk 2014.  Thousands of Walkers will be choosing to Power Walk either a Half Marathon (Half Moon 13.1 miles) or a Full Marathon (Full Moon) distance to not only complete a personal goal but to also raise money and make a real difference towards our vital breast cancer causes.

Walk the Walk will supply you with all you need to prepare and enjoy this unique challenge and, as always, everybody will be wearing the trademark decorated bra. This year you can jack up your look and be transported back to a time of  leopard print and poodles, pony tails and pompadour and, amongst all the trainers, maybe even some Blue Suede Shoes! Become a Rockabilly Bombshell (and that includes the boys!) and join us at our new venue on Clapham Common on 10th May 2014

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Hi I just wanted to share my experience of the London Moonwalk 2013. Last year I thought it would be a fabulous idea to complete the walk with my sister, nieces, lovely Daughter in Law and special friends.

We did have a fantastic time and although exhausted and in considerable pain we managed to laugh lots and loved the whole experience.I really was tired but put this down to completing the moonwalk and jet lag as I had only just arrived from Sydney a few days before I also had a real bad cold which didn't improve on my return home to Australia I blamed being stuck in an aeroplane for 24 hours.

I don't know why but after being part of the moonwalk and listening to all those amazing women I decided to have my routine 2 yearly mammogram 6 months early.I had no symptoms , no changes in the breast just something telling me to do it. I am sure you can all guess what happened next I was diagnosed with breast cancer and in the last few weeks have had surgery and tomorrow start chemotherapy which will be followed up by radiotherapy the prognosis is good.

I am nervous but feel incredibly supported and most of all loved by my wonderful family and friends.

I truly believe that the Moonwalk has probably saved my life.

Thanks again Helen xx

" Helen writes

Walker Support

Walker Support

Looking for help with fundraising, ideas, information etc then just ask Polla!

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Walking Pals

Walking Pals

Are you a first time walker and seeking motivation or just a chat whilst training? There may just be a 'Walk the Walker' looking for a Walking Pal near you...

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Online fundraising

Online fundraising

Make the world your fundraising oyster and follow these quick and easy steps to fundraising online!

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A fantastic free app that helps with training and fundraising! Why not take a look?

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Pink Tubs and Bra Pins


Kick start your fundraising and hire a Walk the Walk collection pot or buy a tray of our unique bra pins to help you on your way!

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