The MoonWalk Scotland

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June 2015, TBC

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Latest news!

I know that many of you are eagerly and very patiently waiting to enter The MoonWalk Scotland 2015...Well we are being very patient as well so I know how frustrating this is. All I can say is that we are going as fast as Edinburgh Council will allow.

We are all very... very... very excited about our ‘Mad Hatters Midnight Tea Party’ and our BIG 10th birthday celebration which will hopefully take place on June 13th 2015 but please on no account book flights or transport until this has been confirmed. We are also very... very... very... excited and we know you will be too, about the new projects we are looking to fund... so... all we need is an event site... should it really be so difficult to raise money and then give it away!

Please don’t desert us... hang on in there... and hopefully soon we will have some good news... you can be sure you will be the first to know.
Big hugs and happy walking! Nina x

The MoonWalk Scotland

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All Challenges

Sending in fundraising?

Sending in fundraising?

Do you have cheques, cash or vouchers and are wondering how to send them in? Then read these important tips...

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Walker Support

Walker Support

Looking for help with fundraising, ideas, information etc then just ask Polla!

More...: Walker Support

Pink Tubs and Bra Pins


Kick start your fundraising and hire a Walk the Walk collection pot or buy a tray of our unique bra pins to help you on your way!

More...: Pink Tubs and Bra Pins

Walking Pals

Walking Pals

Are you a first time walker and seeking motivation or just a chat whilst training? There may just be a 'Walk the Walker' looking for a Walking Pal near you...

More...: Walking Pals

Online fundraising

Online fundraising

Make the world your fundraising oyster and follow these quick and easy steps to fundraising online!

More...: Online fundraising



A fantastic free app that helps with training and fundraising! Why not take a look?

More...: WTW App

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