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It's a great way to help you raise your sponsorship money! Not only can you take your normal sponsor form to friends and family but you can now send your online sponsor form around the world. Many people also find it easier to send an email, with a link to their online sponsor form, to work colleagues and people that they don't know so well.

Set up your page

No more pestering people to pay up once you have finished your just 2 minutes you can have your online fundraising page ready to go! We have made the process as easy as possible...just enter a few personal details, upload a picture of yourself (making your page personal really helps) and you are ready to start emailing the link to your page to friends and family. 

MoonWalk London - start here
MoonWalk Scotland - start here

 For all other challenges start your page here 

Team fundraising pages

We know that our walkers love to fundraise in teams - the more of you there are the better you are at pooling your resources. We have some great information about how teams can make the most of their pages. Or if you are looking to create a team page then take a look at the film below

Already have a page?

Fantastic! Now you need to put it all together and start sharing it with the world. Best of all we have some absolutely brilliant tips on how to get that fundraising rolling in! Find out how to make the most of your page 


 Totally stuck?

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Fundraising Pages

Did you know

Unlike the normal methods of fundraising we obviously receive your sponsorship money quickly, which means we can get on with granting it! Not only that, but about 80% of donations made online are applicable for Gift Aid (compared to about 30% made through sponsorship forms.) As the basic rate of tax is 20%, this means that if you give £10 using Gift Aid, it’s worth £12.50 to the charity. 

Pink Tubs and Bra Pins


Kick start your fundraising and hire a Walk the Walk collection pot or buy a tray of our unique bra pins to help you on your way!

More...: Pink Tubs and Bra Pins

Fundraising Posters

Fundraising Posters

Why not download one of our fundraising posters and tell the world what you are doing?

More...: Fundraising Posters

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