Online Fundraising

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Online fundraising

What is it?

It's a great way to help you raise your sponsorship money! Not only can you take your normal sponsor form to friends and family but you can now send your online sponsor form around the really can make it your fundraising oyster! Many people also  find it easier to send an email, with a link to their online sponsor form, to work colleagues and people that they don't know so well.

Read the 5 reasons below why you should start one today!


It's very easy to set up

No more pestering people to pay up once you have finished your just 2 minutes you can have your online fundraising page ready to go! We have made the process as easy as possible...just enter a few personal details, upload a picture of yourself (making your page personal really helps) and you are ready to start emailing the link to your page to friends and family. And as we are not all technically minded we include helpful instructions and diagrams along the way!


It's great for the charity

Unlike the normal methods of fundraising we obviously receive your sponsorship money quickly, which means we can get on with granting it! Not only that, but about 80% of donations made online are applicable for Gift Aid (compared to about 30% made through sponsorship forms.) As the basic rate of tax is 20%, this means that if you give £10 using Gift Aid, it’s worth £12.50 to the charity. 

And in comparison to other online fundraising sites (such as Justgiving) ours is much more cost effective for Walk the Walk! Find out more about what it costs the charity


It looks good!

We have set up the basic elements of your page to represent the incredible challenge that you are doing. It's not bland, boring or beige...just like Walk the Walk. To help you raise more money we include some information about the charity and a video your supporters can watch. Best of all once they have made a donation they will get the opportunity to watch a video from Nina thanking them!


It's personal

Think of your page as your own mini-website! You can send all your friends, family, work colleagues and people who would like to sponsor you, straight to your page. You can add your page to Facebook, tweet about it on Twitter and also print out your own customised fundraising poster (sorry, not currently available). Keep it updated as you train, upload images and videos and then tell everyone when you have completed your challenge! The possibilities are endless!


It's safe and secure

Your supporters can rest assured that our system uses state of the art online security for processing payments. We never store their credit card details.

Random Fundraising Pages

Looking for inspiration?

Take a look at some of the pages from the walkers below



Have just set up my teams fundraising page for the MoonWalk London and it was really user friendly and easy. Thanks x
" Emma

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Fundraising Pages


Get in touch

  1. Call the team online fundraising team on 0845 680 9719
  2. Email us here about online fundraising



It's an excellent way of fundraising. I used it last year and was amazed how many people will do it there and then when they get an email from you rather than forgetting to call you to sponsor or not getting the money to you. Only had one problem, but can't remember what it was now, which was easily sorted by one phone call to WtW.

" Jacqueline Butler

Fundraising using cheques / cash and online?

You can add on your offline fundraising to your online page.

But we don't do this for you.

So when you send in any cheques to us we wont add their total to your page. Hope that's clear.

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