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Who do we grant money to?

Walk the Walk is a charity not only committed to raising money and awareness for vital breast cancer causes but are also passionate about encouraging women and men to become healthier, fitter and to take charge of their own well being.

Find out where the money was granted in 2012

Being a grant making charity it is our goal that each year we grant as much of our fundraising as possible, making sure that it is put to the best use and where we feel it really will make a difference. Breast cancer is a major public-health issue, and whilst statistics show that the mortality rate is decreasing, the incidences of disease are continuing to rise. The funds that we have granted to research, and our future health, have already extended our knowledge of breast cancer and enabled better treatments and understanding of this horrendous disease.

All of these wonderful projects would be unthinkable without your help... On all our challenges we ask each of our walkers to aim to raise a minimum amount of sponsorship. This is kept low so that it is attainable for everybody, but it does mean that it is very important that everybody does send us their sponsorship… ’many feet do make light work’ and it is only if we all unite together that we can hope to reach our goals and make such a big difference to the lives of so many.

On behalf of Walk the Walk and our benefiting charities we send a HUGE thank you, we could not achieve any of this without you.

With good wishes and good health

Nina Barough CBE, Founder and CEO Walk the Walk

Online fundraising

Online fundraising

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