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Volunteering with Walk the Walk!

Our 2014 events were a massive success, so thank you to all those who supported us, we could not have done it without your continued help & devotion! We hope you really enjoyed the events and we're keen to inform you about next year's.....

Yes, we're thinking about 2015!

You can register your interest for London, Scotland (Edinburgh) or SunWalk London so tell your friends about the night and bring them along next year.

We look forward to meeting you!
The Volunteers Team.


Becoming a Volunteer with Walk the Walk is a fun, rewarding and memorable experience. Meet new friends and get a great view of the action! As a Volunteer, you'll be giving up a few hours of your time to make a big difference.

Ever volunteered through the night?

We have amazing and incredibly supportive people who donate their day, or a night’s sleep to Walk the Walk by Volunteering at the famous MoonWalk or SunWalk in aid of vital breast cancer causes.

Why Volunteer for Walk the Walk?

What our fantastic Volunteers had to say:

“I would just like to say a HUGE thank you. I volunteered on Saturday night and I had a brilliant night.”

“Thanks for a brilliant evening I so want to register as a volunteer cycle team member next year. Thanks to our team leader too…who made the evening a blast.”

“I had such a great time volunteering – meeting new people and sharing our stories…being there for all the Walkers I had never met before.”

Need a little more persuading? Take a look at some reasons why you should join us!

Learn more...

What role could I be doing as a Volunteer?

Well...anything really! Our Volunteers get involved in all sorts of different jobs and we have some descriptions of some (but certainly not all) of the roles!

Our job roles:
Click here to see what you could be doing: Learn more...

Contacting Us & Social Media!

Contact the Volunteer Team for help & further information about how Volunteering can make a real difference:

[email protected] or 01483 741430.

Stay Connected
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Get in touch!

Volunteer Form

Do you need to contact the volunteer team? Then try here!

More...: Get in touch!

Can't make the event?

Can't make the event?

Please complete this quick form if you are no longer able to Volunteer at one of our events.

More...: Can't make the event?



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