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Maria’s Berlin Marathon 2016

Spectators along the route were cheering and banging pans. Bands were playing every few kms, no time to dance though, we were on a mission.

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Nina's Local Hero Display at The Lightbox

Other items on display are photos of Nina, including one of her with the Spice Girls, Nina’s book “Walking for Fitness” and other Walk the Walk memorabilia!

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Why Walking the London Marathon is Miles Better Than Running It

But their jaws would drop when I told them that, mile for mile, a Power Walker moving at 4.5 miles per hour burns the same calories as a runner.

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Bra Exhibition at the Good Housekeeping Institute for Walk the Walk

The exhibition showcased a collection of eleven stunning bras, created by high profile designers for celebrity Walk the Walk supporters.

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Fran's Virgin London Marathon 2016

It’s the most amazing experience being involved in such a prestigious event and the support you receive from Walk the Walk is second to none.

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‘Tootsie Roller’ Lisa Walks Her First MoonWalk London

My medal now has pride of place in the living room and whenever I feel like I can't... whatever it is... I remember that I have completed a half-marathon, at night, for charity!

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Linda ' Walks the World' from the U.S. to Iceland and Beyond!

Volunteering your time and commitment knows no boundaries. It does not matter where you are from, be it London or the Highlands of Scotland or the United States.

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All MoonWalk 2017 Entries Open!

Gather friends, family and work colleagues and together take on one of these iconic experiences.

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Gynette Walking her 17th MoonWalk London in 2017!

For those who are thinking about signing up… I would say just go for it... you will not regret a moment.

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Debs' MoonWalk London

We can see the Moon Balloons of MoonWalk City in the distance and then the twinkly lights leading us to the Finish Line. We did it! We have our medals!

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