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London 2 Brighton 2018 with The Dales Divas

"2018 saw my sister and I’s 50th birthday (we’re twins!) and we thought we should challenge ourselves to prove we weren’t 'past it'!"

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Dani shares her experience and being part of Walk the Walk

"I am so grateful to Walk the Walk for the work that they do, for the opportunity to get involved in their events and for the people whom I have met because of them… the WTW family is something special!"

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Lynette takes on London 2 Brighton

"So if you are not sure if this challenge is for you, I would say... go on give it a go, push yourself, you will never know if you can do it unless you try, the atmosphere carries you along some of the way."

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A few words from our Scottish MoonWalkers...

We had such an amazing night at The MoonWalk Scotland 2018... see what our Walkers had to say...

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A few words from our MoonWalkers

We had such an incredible night at The MoonWalk London 2018... see what our Walkers had to say...

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A few words from our Iceland MoonWalkers

The MoonWalk Iceland 2018 was such an incredible adventure and an amazing experience... see what our Walkers had to say...

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The MoonWalk stars across Scotland!

From the small screen to making a big splash across the papers, The MoonWalk Scotland featured all across the country!

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The MoonWalk Iceland 2018 Adventure

Congrats Team 2018... you are all an inspiration!

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Fundraising for 2018 hits over £4.5 Million

A huge THANK YOU to all our wonderful Walkers, Volunteers and Supporters!

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The Big Half Dash for the Cash

"It really brings it home why we are doing this, it’s not for the medal or the sparkly bra, it’s for people like Carol."

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