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The MoonWalk Scotland 2016

11 June 2016 |
Location: Edinburgh

Distance: New Moon (6.55 Miles) | Half Marathon (13.1 Miles) | Marathon (26.2 miles) | Over The Moon (52.4 Miles)

Grading: 1 | 2 | 3 | 5 ?

Registration opening: Entries closed

Registration fee: £47.50 + booking fee

Minimum sponsorship: £100

Thank you Scotland!

Thousands of Walkers of all ages swung their tartan as they walked through the streets of Edinburgh on Saturday night (11th June) at The MoonWalk Scotland, organised by breast cancer charity Walk the Walk.

Wearing decorated bras adorned with all things Scottish – from Highland Coos to Thistles, Saltires to Scottish food, plus of course, lots and lots of tartan – walkers set off from Holyrood Park at Midnight to take on a quarter, half, full or double marathon, raising money and awareness for breast cancer. Before the first step had even been taken, more than £400,000 had been raised.

These amazing people joined in a huge hooley led by rock Ceilidh band Bahookie. Women, men and children from the age of ten upwards showed off their fabulous Scottish costumes - knowing that most of the money raised by The MoonWalk Scotland stays in Scotland to help improve the lives of people with cancer.

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Taking part in The MoonWalk is me giving back a little to those who walked before me and who raised astounding amounts of money- Mandy

What a fantastic night

This is a night you just can’t miss, you can choose from Power Walking a New Moon 6.55 miles (for 10 year olds and over), Half Moon 13.1 miles (13 years and over), Full Moon Marathon 26.2 miles (13 years and over) and, if you really want to raise the bar and are 18 years or over, sign up for our amazing Over the Moon 52.4 miles challenge! With just a little commitment, a big helping of enthusiasm and a spoonful of energy everybody can take on The MoonWalk! Plus each walker will receive an official T-shirt, Cap, Training Guide and Plan, Space Blanket, Weather Protector, and, of course, a bra to decorate! Before setting off there will be an organic pasta or rice meal. If that wasn’t enough, the Walk the Walk Team are always on hand to help you every step of the way!

So... Get ready to swing your tartan and join the party, we're celebrating a new home on the historic Holyrood Park, plus Walk the Walk’s 20th Birthday... what better time to pull out the tartan and be all things Scottish, we’re having a hooley, and, in case you didn’t know, it’s a wild Scottish party! One thing is certain it will be a night to remember! Walking the Walk can save lives, raise awareness and really make a difference to those that need it. Don’t wait, sign up now and you can start Raising money, Raising Awareness, Getting Fit and having FUN!

From Sandra

Upon hearing that Walk The Walk were main contributors to the new Maggie’s at Forth Valley, Larbert I wanted to make 2015 a good year for me. This will be my third year doing The Full Moon in Edinburgh, seeing the sunrise and the disco bus is just amazing, so for me The Full Moon is the only option. I was privileged enough to be invited along to the groundbreaking of the new Maggie’s centre and found it a very humbling experience. Coming from Stirling area, where Walk The Walk isn't really heard of has made my fundraising so much easier this year, being able to tell people Walk The Walk have been the major contributors to the building being built means so much more to the people in our area for sure

I heard about the New Moon and really wanted to take part. On the night everything made me feel so special- Alice (12yrs)

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Don’t forget everybody, this is the perfect time to boost your fundraising page so that you can let everybody know what a fantastic thing you are doing! You can also download a paper Sponsor Form to support your online fundraising, so come on lets really unite together, we have almost reached our first million… let’s see just how far we can go!

Final Event Pack 

You will receive all the information for the BIG night itself in the Final Event Pack. This includes your T-Shirt (exclusive to those taking on the challenge), Walk the Walk Cap, Space Blanket, Weather Protector, Walker Number which includes your Bag Tag, Entrance Ticket and Meal Voucher for a delicious all organic pasta or rice meal... and of course, your Bra – to decorate. 


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