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5. Training for the Nijmegen Marches

  1. A bit about Training...
  2. Rules and Regulations
  1. A bit about Training...

    Your full special 14 week Training Plan will be sent out with your Walker Pack.

    The training for this challenge is very intense and time consuming. To give you an idea before registering you will be required to train 6 days a week. We recommend the longest walks you will have to do are a 24 mile, which follows a 16 mile walk the previous day, so consecutive days training is needed. The total amount of miles you will have to cover while training is over 500. As well as getting lots of miles under your belt, the Training Guide includes lots of back to back Walking to get your body used to these types of distances for the 4 consecutive days. We also recommend you include other types of exercise to get your overall fitness to a new level.

    The route is generally tarmac through towns and villages, with some small parts off road, following footpaths and trails. It is important to train in all weathers so you are fully prepared! The weather in Nijmegen is generally dry and can get very hot! Lots of sun cream will be needed.   

    Having entered this 5 footprint challenge, you should be able to, at this point, comfortably complete a MoonWalk or Marathon within 8 hours. This is incredibly important, as this is a Team challenge, you and your team members will be relying upon each other across the 40K each day to keep together and complete it together! 

    Your ultimate goal for training will be to reach a Walking pace of 15 - 16 minute miles. However, on the challenge itself, it is our aim to complete the 40K (24.85 miles) in 8 hours. Whilst training and at the Nijmegen Marches you should be aiming for few to no breaks (just short toilet breaks).

    Although we don’t always expect to complete each day within 8 hours, due to the 47,000 other Walkers on the route with you, it is lovely to chat to your fellow Walkers, Bobbies, the military, the Dutch and all those fascinating people that come from many other countries.

    Our Nijmegen Marches Training Plan will really help you complete this challenge. If you need any tips or advice to complete these distances, we have Walk the Walk staff who have completed this Challenge on many occasions and can offer you tips... just give us a call on 01483 741430.

  2. Rules and Regulations

    If you join the WTW Nijemgen Marches Team, it is really important to understand that we start as a Team, walk as a Team, and finish as a Team! This is a Team challenge and this is stated in the Rules and Regulations of the Nijmegen Marches, of which they are very strict!.

    The Team as a whole will be checked in at the Start Line, and at intervals throughout the Marches - planned and unplanned points - and at the Finish Line! The Team must walk together throughout. 

    Other Rules & Regulations to be noted:

    • All the Team must wear the same outfit throughout the 4 day Marches, bra t-shirts of course and with dark bottoms 
    • Females must be aged 18+
    • Males must be born before 1968
    • As stated the Team must start, walk and finish together




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