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Team fundraising page

Fundraising as a team is such a brilliant way of uniting together

Do you have a video I can watch?

Take a look at the short film below

What steps do I need to follow?

Although it seems lengthy it's really quite straightforward. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Nominate a team leader to represent your team and to build your team fundraising page.
  2. Make sure you have all the names and email addresses of those in the team.
  3. The team leader creates a page by following this link for The MoonWalk London or this one for The MoonWalk Scotland. If you are trying to create a team page for a Unique Challenge, please follow the link that you received in your welcome email.
  4. The team leader creates a fundraising account, then follows the steps, first creating an individual fundraising page. Then, once their own fundraising page is created, they click on ‘Create a New Team’ button on the right. Enter the team name.
  5. If the team name has already been used, you will get an error message. We suggest that you either add hyphens, shorten it or try a new name.
  6. The team leader can add a team photo and edit the ‘Story’ section to tell supporters why you’re Walking the Walk by clicking on “edit this team page”.
  7. The team leader can then invite members to join the team, or individuals can request to join the team. To invite members to join your team, you need to click on the orange Invite Members button in the middle of your page and add their email addresses.
  8. Once the team page has been created, all team members invited by the team leader will receive an email to join the team.
  9. If you forget to invite a team member during the creation of your team page, you can always email the URL of your team page to the team member and they can click on the orange ‘Join Team’ button on your page to join.
  10. At any time, from the team leader's account, you can edit the fundraising page by adding your own photo or video, writing a short bit of text about why you're participating in your challenge, and even sharing your fundraising page via social media.

How to allow donors to donate to an entire team?

As a team leader, you can add pages to the team page using the same email address. This is useful when you are wanting to add family members or friends using the same email address.

This is also great for creating the one page for ‘Team Donations’ so that donors can give to the team as a whole rather than select an individual to dedicate their donation to. (Even with a page for ‘Team Donations’, each individual still needs to be added to the team page as a team member.)

  1. To add pages, as a team leader, go to your team page, make sure you are logged in and click on the ‘Add Page to Team’ in green writing in the middle of your page.
  2. Then give it a title like Team Donations (or the first name and surname of the new team member), set a team target and then click on “create fundraising page”. This new page will connect to the original team page and will appear alongside all the individual team member pages.

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