3. Saturday Evening

  1. Time
  2. What will I be doing?
  1. Time

    Usually from around 6pm through to midnight

    The first shift of the evening has lots of site based roles that help to get our Walkers ready to head off into the night.

  2. What will I be doing?


    Help our Walkers find everything they’ll need on site by joining our directional team. From where they can get their dinner, drop off their bag or get a bra tattooed on their face, you can point them in the right direction!


    Storing thousands of bags takes some serious organising! Over the course of Saturday evening, Walkers will be wanting to store their bag ready for when they return. We have organised tents ready to fill!

    Clean and Recycle team

    Enjoy the buzz in and around the big pink tent, chat with Walkers and pick up a wrapper as you go! This is a particularly great role if you need to have a sit down every so often.
    We’ve got litter pickers and brooms at the ready to help keep the site clean. And once the Walkers have set off, we’ve got a rather large pink tent that will need clearing ready for their arrival back on site. It takes organisation and team work to clear a tent the size of two football pitches. Are you up for the challenge?

    Also available in this shift

    Water crew, Tattoos and Balloons, Kitchen, Volunteer Tent, Massage, WalkWear

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