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1. What does a Volunteer do?

  1. Overview
  2. Roles
  1. Overview

    Each of our events has a very different feel to it and this is reflected in the Volunteering roles. It really is an opportunity to experience something truly unique, fun & challenging where you can donate your skills in a very practical way!

    At a MoonWalk...

    The famous night time Walk the Walk event! As an event through the night we have many opportunities for Volunteers to choose from, so we guarantee there is something for everyone.

    Evening Crew: Saturday evening and things are just getting started, a busy period when our Walkers & Volunteers arrive on mass!

    Overnight Crew: Saturday late night/Sunday morning. This is a crucial part of the event where our Walkers are out PowerWalking the streets and Volunteers are involved at the centre of an exciting night.

    Sunday Morning Crew: Early Sunday morning our hard-working Volunteers from the night before need a break so they can head home for some well-earned rest. Are you an early bird who likes to wake up to a sunrise-challenge… then this is for you!

    You simply need a positive & hard-working attitude; be prepared to have a fun time meeting new people and helping a great cause!

  2. Roles

    We have over 30 roles to choose from, which means there is definitely something for everyone! Each role has a designated Volunteer Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader.

    Baggage Team 

    Thousands of bags is quite a sight to behold! We have 1 large tent to store Walker bags whilst they complete their respective challenges. Volunteers will be responsible for registering, securing and returning baggage according to The MoonWalk processes.

    Clean & Recycle Team 

    Can you believe we are able to recycle up to 98% of our waste at The MoonWalk?! This team share our passion for keeping a tidy event before and after our Walkers have left site. All protective clothing and equipment is provided.


    Are you an avid cyclist and want to go that extra mile for breast cancer? This role is directly involved with the Call Centre - giving Route Marshals with additional support, answering Walker queries or providing a rapid response to any non-medical issues. We also have designated front and back marker teams for the Full and Half Marathon challenges. This isn’t for the faint hearted… 30+ miles will easily be covered! Volunteers will need to supply their own bike and safety equipment.


    Do you have experience in driving through the busy streets of  Edinburgh on a Saturday night or Sunday morning? Our Drivers liaise with our Call Centre to transport Route Marshals to and from their Zones, provide additional route support in busy areas and return retired Walkers to MoonWalk City. Volunteers need a full, clean license and be aged 25 or over.

    Route Marshal

    We couldn’t have The MoonWalk without Route Marshals! For this role you will be within a designated “Zone”. Duties include guiding and cheering our Walkers, answering queries, requesting first aid assistance and managing Walker queues.

    Service, Facilities & Recycling Station Team 

    Walking a marathon is hungry and thirsty work! We have multiple stations across the route, which are all manned by our lovely Volunteers. You may be involved in handing out water or fruit, managing Walker queues or helping keep the area clear of rubbish.

    There's more! Other roles...

    Aside from these key roles we have a number of other roles including:

    Crossing Point Stewards, Entrance Queue Management, Finish Line, Hot Drinks Stand, Kitchen, Tattoos & Balloons and Volunteer Registration.

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We really enjoy what we do and many of us have walked and so know exactly what you are all going through.
Karen Orwell

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